'Live in Action' Demos

Redknee can help you navigate the changes required for a world where smartphones, social media, cloud services and data are demanding the ability to support new business models, launch services quickly to the market and deliver an advanced customer experience.

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Redknee will showcase the following on-site product demos:

Smart Loyalty - Pave the way for a more connected and smarter city with direct loyalty applications for transportation, retail, entertainment and communications that will improve your customers’ experience and power a varied ecosystem of enterprise businesses from a single platform.

Integrated Multi-play - Seamlessly replicate the mobile product offers and self-service experience that consumers have come to love and extend it to other lines of business.  Streamlining your billing and charging into one convenient system for multiple business lines can bring innovative product cross-bundle opportunities that will raise new streams of revenue.

Data Monetization – Enhance your ability monetize mobile data. Stimulate usage across your active customer base, gain new business insights, launch ‘smart’ campaigns and tap into new revenue streams.  Leverage new business insight to identify opportunities and see how you can quickly roll-out marketing campaigns that guide customer behavior while shaping demand. 

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