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The Cage: The challenges and opportunities presented by the B2B2C business model



July 26, 2013 The Cage: The challenges and opportunities presented by the B2B2C business model 

Welcome to The Cage - a series of interviews where Telesperience questions key figures and thinkers from the telecoms industry. 10 minutes; no questions barred.

In this interview Telesperience Chief Strategist Teresa Cottam asks Redknee's Jim de Marco about the challenges and opportunities of CSPs wishing to roll out a B2B2C business model.

In this interview Teresa asks Jim:

1.What is your definition of the B2B2C business model?

2.What can CSPs offer to other businesses to help them build their business, increase their revenues and connect with their customers?

3.Why are CSPs so excited about this model? What’s in it for them?

4.How is this model coming to market in different regions?

5.What different vertical market examples are emerging and how are CSPs verticalising their offerings to support these?

6.With the entrance of Gen Y and Gen Z into the market how is this changing the way we do business? How do we cater to the needs of Gen Y and Z and what does this mean for the underpinning systems?

7.What problems might CSPs encounter in trying to rollout a B2B2C business and how should they overcome these?

8.Which three pieces of advice would you give to a CEO thinking about rolling out or increasing support for B2B2C business models? 

To hear this full interview, visit the Telesperience page here.
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