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Redknee: Redefining Customer Care Solutions

Telecom Review

Telecom Review

November 11, 2013 Redknee is a global provider of innovative communication software products, solutions and services. Redknee’s award-winning solutions enable service providers to monetize new services, business models and content, and to deliver a comprehensive customer experience. Their revenue generating platform provides innovative converged billing, charging, customer care, and payments solutions for voice, messaging and data services to over 200 service providers in over 90 countries.

As Redknee’s founder and first employee, Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee’s CEO, has been directing the execution of Redknee’s business activities and corporate operations since 1999. In his years at Redknee, he has led the development of the company’s product portfolio and a global organization of exceptional talent resulting in continuous growth and a strong recurring revenue stream.

Lucas has been honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Information Technology sector for Ontario as well as a Top 40 Under 40 Award for Canada. Lucas serves on the Board of Directors for Redknee and 20/20 Technologies, the world’s leading developer of interior design and manufacturing software, and is a member of the Dean’s Development Council for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Lucas has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, where he was a Loran Scholar.

Telecom Review recently visited with Lucas to get his views on the marketplace, their growth, and his views on the future of our industry. We felt that this would give our readers some very good insight into the marketplace so we have provided some of the interview questions and his responses below;

Redknee has seen tremendous growth in the last few years both organically and through acquisition. What have been the main drivers for the growth in this industry?

Mobile data networks have had a tremendous impact on the growth in the industry and we have worked to help network operators to drive more return on their investment. Our product has helped deliver a sophistication in how operators engage their subscribers and this helps customer care issues tremendously. We are the largest player in this category today.

Real time, convergent billing solutions allow service providers to use a single system for multiple access technologies and billing methods. Prepaid, post-paid, wireless, cable, broadband, satellite, data, voice, or SMS - the right convergent solution can drive subscriber acquisition, increase revenues and improve profitability.

Redknee has over 200 service provider customers in over 90 countries. Can you tell us about the strongest growth areas of the world for Redknee?

The Asia Pacific region is very innovative in their adoption of LTE. In the medium term the Americas is growing very strong as the management of the carriers seek strong points to leverage their growth.

The growth of LTE has increased the need for operators to further monetize their networks. Can you tell us how converged billing helps the operators to do this?

Converged billing has allowed operators to implement new business models within their networks. The operators are developing more partnerships to expand their revenue base which means more fluid offerings from service providers that use these networks.

We feel that LTE is driving more innovative services, especially broadband. Operator subscribers are sometimes still hesitant to use new services so the operators need to interact with their subscribers. Convergence gives the operators the flexibility they need as they used to have 5-6 platforms and now they need just one platform.

Redknee has been leaders in helping their customers implement new BSS systems with a lower total cost of ownership. Can you tell us more?

Redknee software is highly configurable

and eliminates the need for a customer to customize their software. Operators want to make sure that their systems are preintegrated for Point of Sale, CRM, Charging and Billing, all in one system.

In addition, since we believe in an open interconnected architecture, customers can also use others on an open API basis. In addition we are willing to license our services on a term basis, and have never lost a customer.

Can you tell us about Redknee’s patents in the billing and customer care market?

We have many patents in the field of analytics, rating and policy. We see an increasing requirement from customers to a have strong patent portfolio to ensure customer confidence. Redknee has over 750 R&D employees so we continue to innovate for our customers.

What demands are you seeing for cloud based systems?

There is a large demand for cloud capabilities in the marketplace today. We are a big proponent of cloud flexibility and are seeing a hybrid approach where some capability is on the customer premise and some is located in the cloud. We work with partners who need SAAS and the demand is growing. Cloud capability is the new dominant way for the marketplace to consume innovation.

We are a big proponent of using the cloud to drive innovation for the carriers. Instead of doing a special build carriers can use the cloud to validate new service offerings. We have customers that

use both the private and public cloud and interest in customers using a hybrid cloud solution. This helps the operators encourage innovation without increased risk.

The Redknee solution is helping service providers increase their revenue per subscriber. Can you please tell us more?

Using our system operators are able to increase customer usage 10 percent month on month. In addition the retention capabilities are impressive so as you can imagine we have provided great results for our customers.

Redknee helps their service provider customers reduce churn and support costs. Can you please tell us more?

Redknee’s convergent billing solutions provide real-time transaction capabilities and customer usage data to all groups within the service provider organization, enabling billing, marketing, pricing, customer care, IT and network departments to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while personalizing and enhancing the subscriber experience.

Our system gives the service provider a 360 degree view of their subscribers. The system helps in the preemption of customer care calls. The system has full Facebook and Twitter interfaces to help drive down the cost of support for the customer base.

Lucas, Redknee has seen tremendous growth in your market. Can you please tell us more about your goals and expectations for the next two years?

The largest pure play growth is in policy management. In the future we will see opportunities for additional acquisitions for Redknee.

We have been fortunate to be able to provide significant return for our shareholders and may see a future listing on NASDAQ.

We feel very passionate about real time system growth!

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