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Customer focus drives undeniable results

November 14, 2016 7:00 AM | Category: Happier SubscribersPricing Innovation,  | by Stefan Henss

Meralco’s prepaid electricity service customer base is growing at a rapid pace, so far, adding over 11,000 connections since the start of 2016.  Three years after the initial pilot, Meralco now has over 28,000 meters running on prepaid electricity.  In a study by a third party research agency, Prepaid Electricity registered a high 90% satisfaction rating among its early adopters.  Customers cited several factors – including the affordability of low denominations, the daily balances SMS notifications, and the convenience of reloading from regular mobile retail outlets – as highlights of the prepaid electricity user experience.  Not as popular, but equally impressive, was Meralco’s online self-service portal, for customers interested in obtaining their most recent usage information on-demand.

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How to Deliver the Digital Transformation Promise

November 2, 2016 11:46 AM | Category: Better Services,  | by Melahat Elis

On October 13-14 the annual ETIS event – a global Community Gathering - took place in Zagreb, Croatia. This year was the 25th anniversary and more than 160 participants attended, more than in recent years. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Delivering the Digital Transformation Promise’.

ETIS truly delivered on its promise for being the trusted forum for sharing knowledge, by creating an open atmosphere for discussion. Redknee followed this tradition of sharing and presented jointly with Hrvatski Telecom, the local Croatian affiliate of the Deutsche Telekom Group. The presentation discussed why the modernization of their convergent charging solution was necessary, how the upgrade was performed and new use cases for newly created business segments. Redknee highlighted how the new solution could help charging new application areas including the Internet of Things (IoT). The shared examples are based on Redknee’s expertise in current engagements in smart home system, healthcare services, in-vehicle services and prepaid energy services.

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