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Redknee modernizes Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia with Converged Charging

HT Croatia is the leading provider of telecommunications products and services in Croatia. Innovation has been a fundamental part of HT Croatia and has successfully differentiated it in the market, as it became a pioneer of new technologies in Croatia. In recent years HT Croatia did not upgrade its converged charging system, with subscriber growth and demand for more complex and innovative solutions HT Croatia needed a more agile solution to realize their future business plans. This prompted HT Croatia to engage Redknee to upgrade its converged charging solution.
The Redknee Unified solution was quickly installed and now services subscribers across HT Croatia’s three brands, improving the quality of service for all subscribers. The solution gave HT Croatia some significant advantages, including the ability to better manage customers throughout the lifecycle and the ability to implement solutions such as bill shock prevention measures to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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