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Business Continuity – Preparing for Impact Recovery

This report highlights the importance of preparing for local system failures, or even a disaster, and describes how Redknee Unified is designed to provide the highest service availability.

Although high availability is typically used in very simple definition of nines, like 99.999%, the term high availability is a complex notion. In brief, a system is called available if it provides services as specified with respect to capacity (maximal load), response times, and failure rate. Redknee’s holistic approach covers the hardware architecture of the system, with the aim to avoid a single point-of-failure, as well as the software architecture, where the aim is to identify and isolate faulty processes and to protect the system against overload on any external interface. Geographical redundancy protects against complete outage of data centers caused by flooding, fire, major power outages and other disasters. Operational best practices like pro-active care and switch-over drills are also part of this concept. 

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