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Industry Paper: Managing Complex Relationships

Today’s evolving world of new services and business models is creating new revenue streams for service providers and partners alike. With projections that service providers across the globe will be managing hundreds, and even thousands, of partners within the next 12-18 months, Redknee is calling on service providers to question whether they are ready for this revenue growth opportunity and the associated challenges.

In the latest Industry Paper “Managing Complex Partnerships for Optimum Revenue Growth” Redknee discusses some fundamental shifts in the telecom industry whereby walled gardens are being replaced by trusted partner networks that bring best-of-breed content to subscribers. In such an environment, the need to rapidly adapt, expand and nurture partner relationships become paramount for a successful operator. As does the need to be fully equipped to bill, rate and reconcile millions of complex partner transactions in order to take advantage of new and evolving revenue opportunities and remain competitive today’s market.

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