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Redknee Alerts

Receive automatic RSS feeds of Redknee news, announcements and events.

What is RSS?
Redknee RSS feeds allow you to read through the news you want, at your own convenience. An RSS feed contains a summary of content or full text from all new postings on the Redknee website as it happens.

Redknee RSS makes it possible for you to keep up with the latest Redknee news in an automated manner.

Using the web browser or RSS reader of your choice, you can access the latest Redknee news in your favourite environment!

A connection to the Internet and a Web Browser or an RSS reader (most new browsers have an RSS reader built in).


Get Redknee Alerts

Get your RSS Feeds in 2 Easy Ways!


Option 1

If using a web browser (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox) click on the orange RSS button for the feed


Option 2

If using a RSS reader (Googlereader, Netvibes, Newsgator, Thunderbird, Pageflakes, Pluck, Pulpfiction) simply copy the URL from the address bar and then paste it in the appropriate field of your RSS Reader to instantly add Redknee alerts to your RSS application.



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