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Software as a Service

Fully Hosted, End-to-End Billing as a Service
The rise of cloud-based billing is being spurred by rapid advancements in next-generation networks and devices, along with new applications and innovative services, such as M2M, OTT, and new entrants to the market including retailers and media companies. To capitalize on this market opportunity, CSPs need to launch services faster than ever before all while having the tools and business intelligence to support differentiated offerings, personalized promotions and a seamless care experience.

Let Redknee fully manage your entire IT infrastructure stack, billing process management and operational support on your behalf—eliminating the need for specially trained staff and extra IT resources. In a matter of weeks, Redknee’s fully hosted cloud-based monetization platform can be launched, enabling both faster time-to-market and a low risk investment strategy for service providers that want to more easily and economically manage their entire customer lifecycle.

Key aspects of Redknee’s fully hosted cloud-based monetization platform:
  • Full implementation in just weeks
  • Billing process management
  • IT infrastructure stack management
  • Eliminate the need for specially trained staff
  • Manage capital and operational costs
  • Advanced operational support

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